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Højelse Skoe

Visual identity / Logo / Communication strategy / Print design / Digital design / Animation

In theory, all primary schools are the same. But, for us, the task was to visualize and describe that Højelse school is also something for itself. The school's core values ​​were revised to a "foundation" with 7 associated cornerstones "The world and us", "Community and us", "Learning and us", democracy and us" - and with that came a new logo and a new identity.

The idea behind the identity is that when you go to school, you have to learn new things – the students are unpolished and are preparering for a future they don't know. This is reflected in the expression of the logo and the identity. The logo is composed of icons for the 7 cornerstones and the illustration style is created so that both teacher and students can draw on the illustrations themselves.

Asap has given Højelse Skole a number of elements that the school can use to anchor its new identity: Illustrations, Word templates, PowerPoint templates, animations for SoMe, postcards, profile leaflets, stickers, postcards, flags and much, much more...

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