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Visual identity / Logo / Communication strategy / Print design / Digital design / Animation

Interplan's graphic universe originates from and harmonizes with the temperament and creativity inherented in the company's architect-designed houses. The more the expression reflects the architecture, the greater coherence is created with the customers. The greater the uniqueness of the design, the greater the credibility of the recipients

In other words, the identity is an identity where product and communication demonstrate an internal connection. These are the principles and ambitions behind colors, fonts and the following examples of design that Asap Design has created.

The journey with Interplan started with the creation of a basic narrative and the creation of a logo and visual identity. Asap is behind Interplan's new web design and on the drawing board are catalogues, brochures, leaflets and visual elements for marketing on social media.
Interplan website
Interplan animeret logo square
Interplan ikondesign
Interplan åbent hus post til SoMe
Interplan post eksempler til SoMe
Interplan website
Interplan byggeplads skilt

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