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Katja Bjørn

Graphic design & organization / production management / printing process / image processing / image editing

In relation with Katja Bjørn's solo exhibition "Tidevand" at Randers Art Museum, Katja Bjørn and Randers Art Museum published a large monographic publication with an introduction to Katja Bjørn's very interesting and comprehensive artistic practice. The art book is richly illustrated – from early works to the most recent exhibition, which can be seen at Randers Art Museum until 31 July 2023.

The entire project was launched in autumn 2022, when Katja Bjørn delivered a harddrive with more than 40,000 images of her work. Asap's task was to design, organize and compose an art book, which interweaved articles with brand new research, sensuous essays and informative work descriptions together with a monographic reproduction of Katja Bjørn's works.

The result was a 224-page catalog with a fold-out spread, sheets with shortened pages, beautiful Schweitzer binding - and in the first 100 copies of the book there was a signed work from Katja Bjørn.

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