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Visual identity / graphic design / web design

When Randers Art Museum contacted Asap, the cautious ambition was to preserve the qualities of the old logo and simply modernize the expression. The old logo was created at a time when the Randers Art Museum was located on the first floor of a new classical museum building with a temple gable. An architecture that is both fundamentally different from Flemmings Lassen's concrete house, but also stands in contrast to what the art museum is today, where it is also about showing its relevance to new target groups and more visitors.

The modernization of the logo became more radical than expected. The original name feature RKM, which was part of the beautiful work style in the old logo, has been simplified to RK in a modern typography that unites the historical with the contemporary and the ornamental with a more raw expression.

With a new logo and a new identity, Randers Art Museum will distinguish itself with a clear visual identity that can create continuity, recognition and uniformity in its expression and ensure visibility across media.

Randers Kunstmuseum logo
Randers Kunstmuseum flyer for klub randers

Challenging and always ready for a provocation and open to a discussion. It is a characteristic of the museum to have a special interest in the artists who in various ways act on the outer edge of the established. Exhibitions and dissemination of their work put the trivial into perspective and explore border areas.

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For several years, Asap design has collaborated with Randers Art Museum on both large and small projects. In addition to prestigious art books, Asap design creates both printed and digital material for Randers Art Museum, e.g. posters, web banners, invitations and billboards.

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